Executive Search and Executive Recruiting Services for the Public Relations & Communications Professionals

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We are a highly specialized executive search firm, creating successful pairings in Public Relations, Marketing Communications, Public Affairs, Internal/External Communications, and Investor Relations.

We understand the importance of new medias, crisis management, and the many new faces of PR.
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We serve PR and Communications professionals in a variety of industries.

The defense and aerospace industries serve our planet and beyond. For many firms, a security clearance is now a necessity. Military, Hill, or Governmental experience may be a bonus. Please be very specific when listing technical, language, or special skills on your resume. Some of our clients include Raytheon, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin.

The oil and gas industries deal with many topics such as on and off shore production, natural gas, and gas shale. The issues may be environmental, social, security, or economic. Some of our clients include: Two utilities, Pacific Gas & Electric and Constellation Energy, Exxon/Mobile, Chevron/Texaco, and Marathon Petroleum.

The research done today creates miracles tomorrow. Alzheimers, Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes and many other diseases await these miracles. Be a part of the PR and Communications teams in one of these amazing organizations. We have served Bristol-Myers Squibb, MedImmune, and its parent company AstraZeneca.

The dynamic technology world continues to explode around us. Our information moves faster than ever before and we demand more progress. The technology firm faces all of the PR and Marketing issues that face any corporation.

The industry associations serve as a gathering hub for information and education for members and staff. Many rely on membership dollars and so external communications is key. Web technologies join members around the globe so please highlight special skills on your resume. The American Hospital Association, American Nurses Association, Business Software Alliance, BIO, and the Consumer Electronic Association are just a few of our excellent association clients.

The hospitality industry includes all methods of travel, accommodations, and tourism. From special awards programs to corporate travel programs, hospitality needs the original ideas of marketing gurus and talented PR communicators to represent them to both internal and external customers.


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